About Veggie Wonder

Who is this Veggie Wonder?
I am a lover of food.  I think about it all the time.  I daydream and dream-dream about it.  I often spend hours in the food store reading and comparing ingredients and labels, deciding which item to try next.  Sometimes (okay, often!) I think about food when I should be working.  I am a wannabe vegetarian.

Why this blog?  
I'm trying to expand my culinary horizons.  This blog documents these foodie adventures.  I love new ingredients.  I'm a bit of a health nut.  I'm also trying to eat more veggies.  When cooked properly, they can be wonderful and delicious - hence the name "Veggie Wonder."

What is your cooking philosophy?
I'm not a fan of measuring or cleanup.  By day I do work (science-type) in which I must be incredibly careful and precise in my approach, so my cooking adventures provide an opportunity to do be incredibly creative and spontaneous.  In general I try to recreate recipes with as few steps-and as little cleanup!-as possible.  Sometimes things work out splendidly, and other times they bomb.  Sometimes things are documented well, others less so.  This blog is a record of these culinary adventures, and so most of the recipes here are inexact - ideas, really, to help inspire your own adventures in the kitchen...

Bon appetit!

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