Sunday, March 11, 2012

Green Snacks for Your Next Party

 My aunt never ceases to amaze me with her creativity.  At a recent family gathering, she worked with my cousins to create these clever snack boxes full of green goodies.  Every party has a theme, and the goodie bags are selected accordingly.  In this case, it was the food packaging that was green (colored).  I can't guarantee that everything here was environmentally friendly.  However, the products did come to us packaged in green colored boxes or baggies, often with green product names to boot.  And one could certainly make good use of the recycle bin container in which everything was stored!  My goodie bag contained:
  • Beigel Beigel Long Thick Sesame Stick Pretzels
  • Emerald brand Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews
  • GoGo Squeez appleapple (squeezable applesauce!)
  • Jalapeno Heat Dirty Potato Chips
  • Joray Sour Apple Fruit Roll
  • Laffy Taffy in Sour Apple
  • Lime 
  • Mike and Ike Candy
  • Sour Power Belts (Green Apple)
  • Turkey Hill Green Tea
Most of the contents were allergy friendly.  All were kid-friendly and kosher.  Any subset would be great for a children's party or St. Patrick's Day. 

The Turkey Hill Green Tea says "green" on the cap!

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